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“When we came home, we discovered that the window in our living room had been jimmied, and a       thief had gotten into the house. The thief stole two laptops, our DVD player, some jewelry, and a few other valuables. Thank goodness we didn’t leave any credit cards, cash or financial documents. We   hardly slept at all last night and I am really nervous that it will happen again.”
It is a familiar story. In the U.S., a burglary is committed almost every hour. A break-in, even when you are not home destroys your sense of safety.

Unfortunately, once you have been robbed, you are more likely to be robbed again in the future.         Once you have been burglarized, the thief knows the layout of your home. Burglars have been known to wait until months later after you have already replaced the things stolen, and then rob you again.

Here are a few ways to secure your home:

How to Secure Your Home After a Break in? 

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  • Make sure your doors or windows are always locked.

  • Don’t hide a key to your house outside under a mat or planter.

  • Use solid or metal doors that have a good quality deadbolt lock. The bolt on a Deadbolt locks should be at least 1 inch long.

  • Ask about locks with an internal anti-saw pin that prevents a thief from sawing through the bolt. You may also want to consider anti-drill lock that will destroy a drill bit if a burglar tries to drill the lock.

  • Many times a thief can force the door open by kicking at the strike plate. Reinforce the plate by using a heavy four-screw high security strike plate.

  • Windows or glass panels in the door should be reinforced with invisible security film so the burglar can't smash the glass and reach through and unlock the door.

  • Your home's ground-floor windows, particularly in the rear of the house are the second most commonly breached area. Ask a locksmith to install proper window locks.

  • Consider having locks only on the inside of the windows. Reinforce your windows by coating them with an impact-resistant film.

  • Install windows stops that prevent the windows from being opened more than 6 inches. Remember to educate everyone in the home on how to remove the stops to exit the home in case of emergency.

  • Don’t forget about your patio doors. Use a charley bar or a pin lock system on sliding glass patio doors to prevent them from sliding open.

  • Lastly, Have your locksmith install a Home Security System. While a Home security systems will not guarantee that a burglar will not enter your home, it will be more difficult because the burglar has an increased risk of being seen and caught. Put signs in your yard showing that make it obvious your house is secured, so the burglar will look elsewhere for an easier target.

Don’t wait. It is critical to make it more difficult for a burglar to break In. Call Home Locksmith to come right over and secure your home. Burglars enter your home through your doors or windows.

Call a reputable and bonded residential locksmith to secure your home and make it harder for a            burglar to enter your home. It will help you regain your sense of safety and peace of mind.