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Electric door locks can utilize many different methods for users to gain entry.
Keypad access-- A touchpad or electronic keypad is placed outside the door and users enter a specified code to gain entry to the building. A benefit to the keypad is that if the code severy breached, it can be reprogrammed and reset fairly easily.

Fingerprint access-- Just like you see in Spy movies, a fingerprint access panel is placed outside the door. The authorized users are pre-programmed into the panel. In order to gain entry, the user must touch his fingers to the access panel.

Radio Frequency (RFID) access--  Similar to the key FOBS you use to open your car door lock, users can be given FOBS which will allow them to open the building door with a push of the button.

Bluetooth or Smartphone access-- Authorized users Bluetooth or smartphone phone numbers are pre-programmed into the system. As that user approaches the door, the system recognizes the phone’s ID and automatically remotely opens the door.

Major advantages of electronic door locks are:

  1. Electronic door locks make it easy for senior management to determine who has access to each area of the building and create a master access system.
  2. If there is a change in employee or management, it is easy to reset or reprogram access codes.
  3. Makes building entry more convenient and secure for employees.
  4. Electronic door locks are harder for thieves to pick or bypass.

Electric door locks present a number of challenges as there is no one size fits all solution for every door, the lock must fit the frame, and electric wiring must be appropriate the lock that is put in place. That’s why you should consult a Commercial locksmith if you are considering electric door locks to your facility.

A wide variety of businesses utilize electric door locks.

  1. Hospital and Medical offices use electric door locks to keep operating areas and sensitive medical technology and equipment away from public traffic areas.
  2. Retail businesses that stay open late into the night secure their front entry doors and cash vending areas with electric door locks.
  3. Industrial plants with expensive technology and equipment and/or dangerous materials use electric door locks to restrict access.
  4. Office buildings with sensitive information and expensive computer equipment use electric door locks to secure their assets from thieves.

One of the latest trends in business and commercial building security is the use of electric door locks. Also sometimes referred to as “keyless entry systems”, electric door locks allow building owners to establish who can be granted access to each area of the building and how.  From door handles, to access control panels the number and variety of electric locking devices are enormous. 

​It used to be that electric locks and control panels were used exclusively in government and military installations to control unauthorized access to sensitive information and application. As business and industrial theft became more prevalent, businesses and industrial building owners adopted the same technology and security equipment used by the government and the military to keep their own premises secure. 

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